FAQs related to product properties.

What indications is CeraFusion approved for?

For all monolithic – i.e. anatomically milled – crowns/bridges/partial crowns/inlays/abutments/bars made of tooth-colored ZrO2.

Can CeraFusion be used for the adhesive fixation of ZrO2 crowns?

Depending on the thickness of the sprayed-on layer, this may lead to problems with the fitting of the crown in the border regions. If CeraFusion is sprayed into the crown from a basal direction, the powder should be removed with a dry brush prior to firing.

Is it possible to combine a layer of CeraFusion and partial veneers made of low-fusion ceramic?

e.g. an arch made of ZrO2; the end teeth (6/7) are anatomic, whereas the remaining teeth are layered/provided with veneers.

YES. The complete restoration (end teeth and framework) is coated with CeraFusion prior to the application of the veneers. The layer of CeraFusion guarantees perfect adhesion of the veneers on the zirconium frame. This is followed by providing the remaining teeth with veneers. The subsequent firing cycles do not affect the teeth previously coated with CeraFusion. Attention: Do not use CeraFusion for glazing the ceramic veneers (see notes above).

Attention: Do not apply CeraFusion to any teeth to be provided with veneers!
Surplus CeraFusion powder can be removed with a clean, dry brush before firing.

Is it possible to use CeraFusion for glazing veneer crowns?

NO. We expressly state that CeraFusion Spray is not intended for glazing veneer ceramics. It is therefore unsuitable for use in the context of the European patent no. 1 546 052 B1 and USA # 7,018,465. of the Enamelite LLC. The firing instructions for CeraFusion – which have to be observed to the letter and without fail – and the associated thermochemical processes can destroy the color, shape and structure of the veneer ceramic underneath. The manufacturer Elaboro GmbH and the distributor Gebr. Brasseler GmbH & Co. KG (KOMET) decline all liability for any applications of CeraFusion Spray that have not been authorized by in writing by the company Elaboro GmbH.